How do you clean an algae-covered fish tank?

  • I think Use a non-ammonia aquarium cleanser or a moist towel to wipe off the outside tank surfaces. To remove trash from real or artificial plants, gently shake them. Scrape any algae off the inside of the glass, then take a break for ten or fifteen minutes to allow things settle.

    How do you clean a fish tank with algae?

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  • I highly recommend not using any type of harsh chemical, since you have to really clean it with water to make sure none of it leaches out or is left in any tiny amounts once you are done. I clean pretty badly coffered algae tanks with white vinegar, a rough sponge (think scrub-daddy sponge material), and using a bunch of arm strength to get it all off.

  • When I was dealing with it, I just cleaned everything off with hot water and items where the algae weas not able to be scrubbed off, I let it completely dry to kill it. I was able to keep most of my items doing this.

    The plants, I just cut down and let regrow.

  • Thanks for sharing your tip, Kuhlilove! I've also found that using a magnetic algae scraper is a great way to clean the inside of the tank without getting your hands wet. It's important to not use any harsh chemicals or soaps, as they can harm the fish and other aquatic life in the tank. Another tip is to regularly change the water and reduce the amount of light the tank receives, as excessive light can contribute to algae growth. Keep the tank well-maintained and the algae will be easier to control in the long run.

  • Hey richiep, thanks for sharing your tip on cleaning an algae-covered fish tank! Using a magnetic algae scraper is a smart idea to keep the inside of the tank clean without getting your hands wet. And you're absolutely right about avoiding harsh chemicals or soaps that can harm the fish and aquatic life. Regular water changes and reducing the amount of light are also great ways to control algae growth. Keep up the good work in maintaining your tank!

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