Best time of day for feeding?

  • What is the best time of day to feed your fish? Do you wake them up when you get up or do you make them wait around a bit before you feed them? We used to have a 75 gallon freshwater tank and our job every morning was to count the fish and then feed them. We counted them because they some would jump out of the tank at night and the algae eaters would crawl around our dining room! Feeding was first thing in the morning and I can't remember if it was only once a day?

  • I normally fed like every other day, and do it near the morning after I wake up so that it gives them that little bit of energy through the day.

    I’ve never thought about when it what time of feeding then makes sense or would be better like biologically actually a good question.

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  • I never really thought about setting a specific schedule since in the wild, they kind of get food whenever they want or whenever their food source comes into play. I probably mostly feed in the afternoon or evening, but never have really had it with like a 30 minute window or so every day.