Pay more for designer tank?

  • There is a tv show where fish tanks are designed especially for their clients and some of them are really cool looking but also extremely expensive. Would you ever consider paying to have a tank designed for your home or office? What would you want as part of your design?

    I think for my house I would want something really artistic looking and might even consider designing it myself. I would just need to figure out how to hide or camouflage the filter so it doesn't stand out in my design.

  • I think that show is called “Tanked” and it’s really cool. I’ve actually went to one of their ones they showed on the series, but honestly it seems to all be for show. I heard people say that the fish they put in some aren’t really able to stay in that sized tank or be with others in there.

    But I would totally buy a tank from them or any big company since they have more on the line than just a customer (if someone made a ton of bad press about their tanks being crap it would be a bigger deal).

  • If the designer was well known, had a really good warranty, and did solid work, then yes I’d definitely pay more than average for that same tank. But for a generic tank or something like that, I would not since it can be found from other brands at a better price.

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  • More artistic designs you make, the more you have to spend money and time to maintain them. Larger aquariums in fact are even difficult to clean and take care of as well. I personally think that investing into the tank which you can afford is the key here otherwise you know things can be hard.

  • If the designer was famous and was trusted, I would definitely pay more for a designer tank. Although, it would depend on my budget at the time of purchase. If it was a generic design, I would look elsewhere for a better price tag.

  • As far as I'm concerned, I believe that it's something that's very good but what determines whether or not I'm going to be getting it would be the size of my budget. If it's something that I can afford to purchase, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't get it.

  • If I have the money and I'm very sure that the designer is capable of doing an excellent job, I wouldn't mind paying at all because it's going add more aesthetic value in my setting.

  • I have always been wary about anything designer or anything that is an odd shape with a tank as I would always worry that it would crack with the pressure of the water needed within the tank. I think that if the person who was making the tanks was very well established, well known, had good feedback and very rarely had any issues reported with their tank then I would definitely choose to buy one for my home. As for shape, I am not too sure, but I would want something that was slightly artistic if possible. I would imagine I would be paying quite a bit for a uniquely made tank which wouldn't be a problem as I am all for supporting people who make their own things, but it would be something I would save for and not be a quick purchase.

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