Do you fill your tank up fully?

  • I keep seeing people online not have their tanks water all of the way to the top - is there a reason for this? To me it makes it look empty and you just see the white stains on the glass near the surface before the trim pieces.

  • Always I can’r stand the space between the trim and the glass if it’s not filled up high enough

  • I normally tend to fill mine up all of the water. For me, seeing the top of the tank below the trim (unless it’s a rimless tank) is kind of not that lovely (plus it’s wasted space where more water could be to have leveled parameters).

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  • I wouldn't fill completely up as fish can jump out if opened

    when I had a tank we didn't fill right to the top but almost :)

  • When it comes to my tank and how much water I add, I normally do fill the tank up a little over 3/4 of the way. I know that water evaporates and I will have to add more water eventually, but I normally try to keep the water around the same amount at all times.

  • I leave about an inch space between the water level and the brim as the bubbles from my aeration system tend to splash out.

  • I fill my tank just above the strip at the top of the tank but I haven't completely filled till the brim though.

  • I have been taking the recommendation on this from the nearby aquarium shop. And the place has guided me positively. Based on the plants, fish and overall setup they tell you how much is the right water for the tank. I follow their advice often and it worked out for me so far.

  • Filling the tanks to the brim may affect the fishes in the tank. They need the gap to always be able to jump up and play. You owe them that space for sure.

  • In most cases, I would like to have it filled up to the very top but I have realized that my fishes loves that little open space on top, so I do leave an inch gap space for them to explore.

  • It depends on the kind of fishes that I have at the moment in my tank. If they are the type that loves to come afloat of the water, I will definitely leave a space for them but if not, I will have it filled fully.

  • I fill it up until the point where it is just below the filter water return. I like to do it this way to minimize the return of pushing the fish and shrimp around too much.

  • As someone who hates to see any marks on the side of the tank, I always tend to fill my tank up to almost full but not to the top. The reason I do not fill it right to the top is so that there is no ability the water can spill if I have to reach in to do something, I would hate to fill it to the top and then have to reach in for something and end up losing quite a bit of water just for the sake of that little bit extra I didn't fill.

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