Hardest fish to keep?

  • Many say that Discus are hard to keep due to their specific water parameters requirements, but I think there are a ton that can also fall into that due to their diet (such as freshwater puffers, and not the pea puffers) or due to their size as an adult (Bala Sharks for example get massive).

  • In my experience, Corydoras Catfish (or Cory Catfish) is the hardest to maintain. I bought them because they are bottom-dwelling scavengers and efficient tank cleaners, but maintaining them is really difficult.

  • The first set of goldfish was a big pain to me. Though it was recommended to me as a beginner, I had a tough time caring for it. I think the amount of ammonia released by these fishes killed it eventually.

  • I once had LionFish in my tank. It was very scary to change the water and it was very hard to carry on the regular maintenance work. This fish looks great, but its spikes are poisonous. So would recommend getting professional help for maintenance if you are planning to have this fish in your tank.

  • I think for me in terms of what fish I have looked after, goldfish have been the ones that I found the hardest to keep. I had a few goldfish that died within a few weeks and still to this day I do not know what killed them. We have had goldfish in the past that lived a lot of years that my grandma had at first and we took a few years after and they lived for a while but since then, I have found it difficult to keep goldfish which is shocking as they seem to be the most popular when it comes to wanting a fish or fishes as a pet.

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