Where do you place your heaters at?

  • Since there are a ton of spots to place it around your tank (far away from another, in a sump, or even close to your filter intake), where do you place it and why?

    I personally tend to place mine right next to my filter intake to make sure that there is enough water movement to keep the water at a constant temperature - if I am unable to place it inside of a sump (or the given tank doesn’t have a sump).

  • We always placed our heater at the back of the tank. I think one time my dad had it too close to the glass and we got a crack in it, so be careful with that! You'll need to have it where the greatest water flow happens so it actually reaches all areas of the tank for consistent temperature.

  • Placing the heater horizontally near the bottom of the tank has proved efficient for me. The hot water is lighter and it would float to the surface and the dense cold water stays at the bottom. Placing the heating filament horizontally in the bottom provides even water heating and doesn't spoil your aquarium's look.

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