How did you get into the hobby

  • I think I started the hobby when I was just a kid. I remember going to Petco at the time and getting my first tank, gravel, and air pump. I think I just used a undergravel filter and would just change the water a lot.

    Looking back, it’s crazy to think what I had kept in there and how the nitrogen cycle wasn’t really fully completed (as we’d always wash the gravel and tank out every other month).

  • I remember always being into it since I was a young, young kid due to my dad. I'm still learning new things every single day, but I'm totally open to try new things when it comes to saltwater tanks since they are beautiful (freshwater is too, but not so much my thing).

  • I started this hobby when I was a child. My parents had a huge fish tank when I was younger, and they would buy fish to put in it and I would help them with picking out fish that could go in the tank together and also help with the decorating the tank when I was younger. I really enjoyed being involved with picking out fish and decorations and also taking care of the fish and I learned a lot of what I know today from that when I was younger and my parents having fish. As I got older, I decided to continue wanting to have fish and look after them and give them great homes to stay in.

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