Natural ways to help disease

  • Many know me to be into natural & organic living. That goes for my life & my pets. I'm for prevention, so are there natural ways to help prevent disease that fish can get? What about treating?

  • As far as treating, there are a few different types of natural ways to cure some diseases (fungal, or parasitic mostly), but it's not a widespread solution that can solve the vast majority of diseases. Some of the natural ways include; using aquarium salt, raising the temperature of the water, and also even using specific ingredients in their food like garlic.

  • I found out that adequate feeding of your fishes goes a very long way in keeping them healthy and even help them be strong enough to recover from any minor health problems unlike when they are not feeding properly.

  • There are specific plants and stones you can use in your tank to help keep the water more balanced and healthy for the fish. I can't think of them off the top of my head but you can google search for them. Loads of sites write about them. A good aquarium store will likely stock all the items.

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