Have you had your hand stung or bitten by your fish?

  • Like the title says, have you ever had your hand stung or bitten when you were cleaning the tank, or fixing something that require for your hand to be inside of the water?

  • Yes. I’ve been bitten a few times by fish (most aren’t bad and actually tickle), but the ones that hurt are by turtles (man they snap hard) or bigger fish.

  • I've been nibbled on by fish in friends' tanks, but nothing that would warrant calling it a "bite" or needing attention, fortunately. That's not to say it can't or won't happen!

  • Yes, it wasn't too often but there were times when I had my tank that I would be moving things or sorting things out in the tank and the fish would get a little scared and would bite. It was never anything that caused any serious harm if I am honest, but it did give me that shock when it happened. I just found that taking it a little more slowly so that I didn't startle them would help a bit more and there was less chance of me getting bitten when I had to do anything.

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