• Mudpuppies are also called waterdogs and are a type of salamander. Did you know that they can make a sound? That's kind of how they got their name because of the strange sound that they can make. They aren't very attractive looking unless you can catch one smiling. I'm not sure if I would want one as a pet, would you like one?

  • I have never even heard of these until you make this thread. They look pretty cool, although I'd be very curious on the amount of these that are kept in an aquarium setting due to their appearance, and probably medium/high level of purchasing and requirements. Totally remind me of axolotls though.

  • I remember having "mud puppies" for fishing. They were fake and brown but they helped me catch a lot of fish. I never considered owning a life one as a pet but they have seemed to become popular over the years.

  • Check out the Ozark Hellbender for a cool salamander! They're exclusive to Arkansas and Missouri. Unfortunately, I think they're an endangered species now. So if you're going on any river floats, pick up your trash and remember #recyclingiscool.

  • The Ozark Hellbender is an interesting salamander exclusive to Arkansas and Missouri. Sadly, they are now an endangered species. Remember to be responsible and environmentally conscious when enjoying river floats. #recyclingiscool.

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