Easiest to care for and keep alive?

  • Which of the salt water fish are the easiest to care for and keep alive for beginners? Are there certain breeds that are heartier and less prone to disease, fighting, and can live a long time?

  • I always see clownfish being highly recommend to those starting out, since they tend to be unforgiving when it comes to water parameters not being specifically in like with where they should be.

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  • I think most of the fishes that your aquarium shop recommends can be worth going with. Make sure you research on the pairs as this is what you would be making use of for the keeping care of those fishes. I also make sure to watch some of the youtube videos in the same space. It helps you with learning small things on that part.

  • Clownfish are the most recommended that I see when it comes to people asking for advice on what to start out with when they start a saltwater tank. Clownfish are very easy to take care of which is perfect for a beginner, and they only need a 20-gallon tank as well so it's great for a start out before you build yourself up. They are also quite peaceful fish as well so if you are looking for something like that, Clownfish are perfect!

  • Why might some fish be easier to care for? Why might some species live long in captivity? Well, I know my goldfish I had back when I was a kid, seemed to die very quickly.

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