Algae eaters?

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    Many people suggest using a mixture, dependent on your algae that is growing and how big your tank is.

    I always highly recommend Malaysian trumpet snails since they are hidden during the day, Otocinclus catfish, some shrimp, or even going as far as possibly as other fish branded as algae eaters.

    The biggest thing to note is that just because they fall under the algae eater group, they require more than algae as a food source. Even Plecos which are known as the algae eating fish, do require protein in their diet or they will start sucking the slime coats off of other fish (similar to how Chinese algae eaters do this over time for the same reason).

    I’d honestly avoid a pleco since they tend to be high waste fish, and a majority of them get bigger than the small juvenile size that is sold in stores. I’d also highly recommend to first figuring out why your tank has algae and trying to control it, as buying a fish to do that may not work out fully (since they could not eat that specific type or won’t be able to keep up with the amount of algae that gets grown).

  • 100% recommend snails (specifically like Malaysian Trumpet Snails as they hide during the day), or try to get fish that aren’t just impulse buys to eat algae but can fit within your tank and play nicely with other fish. Otos are good for community style tanks, and Chinese Algae Eaters are also really good for more aggressive based tanks if Plecos aren’t your style specifically.

    Also have you tried to just solve for what is causing for the algae to grow? Solving that is ideal compared to buying a fish to handle that aspect