How to decorate.....?

  • I personally tend to make the tank appear more of a match for the fish's natural habitat, adding in things such as driftwood, or lace rock to simulate a rocky shore if that is where they are from. Ideally, if you do it right, it can really make the fish behave in a way that you would never see inside of any tank since they feel more secure.

  • I watched a lot discovery channels and I did focused so much on their fish and other aquatic life. I picked up a lot on how the habitat of fishes should look like and it's good to make it look as natural as possible. I always love having green plants, wood (ones with holes) for them to swim through , and stones.

  • Freshwater tank has rocks and plants, saltwater tank has the same plus old coral and shells.

    You forget to add driftwood and even some plants too. I saw an old car prop on Amazon last week and it looked so nice that I almost bought it.

  • I like having a theme! If I'm going for pirates and mermaids then that is cute and fun. My dad just bought what he liked in the store and added things but it was kind of hodgepodge at that point.

  • I usually keep things simple.

    I will use some sort of natural smooth stone on the bottom and then incorporate live plants. I have since placed my life plants in clay pots and fine this works best for me. I also like to stack larger rocks in the corner of the tank to make a hiding place for the shrimp and fish.

  • Whenever I had a fish tank I would always use gravel and also plants as well as decoration to make the tank seem much more natural for the fish. This always seemed to work for the fish I had which were usually goldfish.

  • I would decorate my tank with some colorful rocks as well as adding a little scuba diver figure. I also add a little castle that my fish could hide in.

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