Aquarium Hoods, Lids, or No Lid?

  • Do you use any of the following for your aquariums? 3

    1. Hood (2) 67%
    2. Glass Lid (2) 67%
    3. Other (0) 0%
    4. None (Open Top) (2) 67%

    Since there are so many options for having a top on your aquarium, having no top, or making a mixture of them per each tank and what it holds within - what is your go-to for your tanks in your household, and do you have just 1 type of top or do you have a variety?

  • I mostly go with the glass lids for that sleek look, and to be able to just place a LED light on top of the lid vs. having a hidden hood in order to have it hanging at the right height.

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