Do you prefer species only tanks or community tanks?

  • Species Only Or Community? 2

    1. Species Only (1) 50%
    2. Community (1) 50%

    Sometimes having a community tank can look amazing, since you will have tons of different sized and looking fish swimming around at all different levels of the aquarium. Although, with some species, just having a species only tank can bring out their natural behavior out to view. Which do you prefer and why? Have you tried both options, or just one?

    When it comes to this choice, it all depends on the aquarium size and the fish that I plan to keep on the inside. Community tanks tend to be great when you have either a smaller tank, or a very large one. Likewise, in that middle spot, I find that species only tanks can be beautiful. For prime example, I had a 75 gallon with about 9-10 Melanochromis auratus cichlids that not only would breed on and off, but also showed their calm and slightly aggressive nature. It always was exciting when you could watch a female (or so you thought at the time) slowly change from yellow with blue/white stripes change completely around and go almost jet black (or a very, very dark blue) with white stripes along the body.

  • My vote would have to be for a community based tank - while some species only tanks do look good indeed, I feel like the fish swim around more naturally when they are inside of a tank with a ton of their other native related fish with them. Plus, who doesn't love seeing a ton of flashing colors fly around compared to just one species color set.

  • Species only since although it may be the same fish species, if you make the tank focus on them but also the background (3D background, a natural setup like they would have in the wild) it can totally make those species just POP.