How big....?

  • How big of a tank should you start off with if it's your first time owning a fish tank? Should you start off small or is it okay to get a big tank? How many fish should you have?

  • I would honestly say, the bigger the better. Normally 20 gallons or more is better since it gives you more room and water in case parameters swing, and the more water you have the harder it is to poison them vis the nitrogen cycle dependent on if you are doing fish in (or fish out).

  • 100% recommend that you go the biggest you can since it allows for more chance that water parameters get out of wack (takes more time to have an effect), allows for you to get more fish to add in which give the tank a better display view, let’s you grow as time goes on (moving from community fish to maybe cichlids), and let’s you get fish in almost every single zone possible.

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  • If you are starting first, you should start small. I think it is better to get a fishbowl instead of an aquarium. Once you know how to raise your fish, you can get the bigger aquarium.

  • Your fishing plan is what that should decide what you would go for in my opinion. If you have plans of doing it for a long run, then it's better to start with as big a as possible but if for a short period of time, then starting small is better.

  • Most people are under the impression until they ask someone about it that starting off with a small tank would benefit them better but it's actually the opposite.

    Most will recommend you get a large tank and start large but obviously only go as large as you feel you can manage.

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