How many....?

  • I think the most that I have ever added to a new tank, was about 30 neon tetras in a 48 gallon Bowfront tank that I had purchased used at the time. They were the first set of fish that I had added once it was done cycling, and the way they were playing made me almost want to keep them as a species only tank.

  • I started with one goldfish in a fishbowl. Then I added another one to give it a company. When I got my first aquarium, I added over a dozen fish.

  • Currently, I have an overpopulated 5 gallon that I need to sort out. I have amano shrimp and fancy guppies in it. The pet store I got the guppies from gave me a female after I told them I only wanted males. I did not notice until she became pregnant and now I have probably 15 in there of all different sizes. I am trying to find someone to take the bulk of them.

  • I remember years ago when I was a lot younger, my parents had a huge tank in the house, and we had 3 different kinds of fish in there at once. From what I remember I know we had goldfish, minnows and there was also a black fish that would stick to the side of the tank and clean the glass but I for the life of me cannot remember the name of the fish at all, it was a very unique fish though, so I remember what it looked like.

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