Ethics on purchasing small aquariums?

  • I was thinking about purchasing some for the small aquariums that stores sell (those ones less than a gallon of water) for some plants and decorations to be kept inside - but curious on if this makes sense ethically as it gives the impression these products sell and to keep stocking them.

    Is this just me over thinking it since everything at a store is profit driven, or does my thinking make sense?

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  • I feel like they will sadly sell them regardless since there are far too many people who want to get a cheap pet and think that fish bowls are the way to go. In some stores, you can tell the fish bowls are barely touched since they are coated in dust/dirt.

  • Usually I’d say if you want to buy one and you know you will be using it ethically yourself, go ahead and get one. But if you would be happier without one knowing stores no longer stock them either, maybe it isn’t something you need/want all that badly, and you might be happier with the decision not to buy one?

  • Personally I wouldn't buy a gallon size, unless I was looking to only feed 1 or 2 relatively small fish for awhile. I would think it would be ethical, so long as normal precautions are taken to keep the fish alive.

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